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Royal Ballet of Cambodia Using Digital Dexterity to Tap Into New Audiences Royal Ballet of Cambodia Using Digital Dexterity to Tap Into New Audiences
Putting modern technology into the service of tradition, for the first season of public performances by the Royal Ballet of Cambodia digital tickets will be available online from the beginning of July, in association with Last2Ticket Asia. The long-running cultural institution hopes that the new collaboration will help them gain wider audiences and secure long term sustainability.

The tickets for the four shows on December 15, 16 and 17 will be available on Last2Ticket Asia’s website: Eventually, Last2Ticket Asia will also be handling online communication in relation to the events. 

"We needed a partner to help us promote our performances as the Royal Ballet doesn’t have the structure and human resources to do so. Our focus is conception and choreography", explains His Royal Highness Prince Sisowath Tesso, the Private Assistant to Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, director of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. He adds “New technologies are part of our lives and Last2Ticket Asia proposed solutions that will help us reach our targets”. 

The move marks a radical change in approach for one of the oldest cultural bodies in Cambodia. "Before last December, we traditionally presented just two performances each year: one for the King’s birthday and one for the King’s coronation anniversary, and only those holding an invitation were able to attend", says Prince Tesso. 

Last December, the Company hosted their first ticketed events with two performances that rapidly sold out. "It was a major success with around 1000 people attending", says Prince Tesso. He hopes this new collaboration will allow the Royal Ballet of Cambodia to continue on this positive track and reach out to even wider audiences. "We would like to reach more foreigners and tourists and we hope that this solution will generate a lot of interest within the tourism industry, travel agencies and hotel", he adds. 

Speaking on behalf of UNESCO, Luc Yniesta from the Communication and Information Unit explains how the organization supports the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, and welcomes the creation of a public season. “The UNESCO Office in Cambodia has promoted the preservation and perpetuation of the Royal Ballet, and providing our help and support for the organization of a season at the Royal Ballet of Cambodia is part of this logic”, he notes. 

Monita To, Last2Ticket Asia’s PR and Sales coordinator, mentioned that this move makes complete sense for both the Ballet company and future audiences. "It’s much more convenient because you don’t have to go anywhere to purchase your ticket, and you save time queuing at the entrance," she says. "As for the hosts, it allows them to see further: sell tickets in advance in order to stimulate cash flow but also to coordinate the event more accurately. Eventually, selling tickets online enables the Company to reach those audiences again for future shows".

"We think the Royal Ballet is something unique, attractive to visitors from all around the world but also to the local public. Actually, our goal is to help make this amazing show sustainable. Their work deserves to be recognized for its true value" adds Soreasmey Ke Bin, managing partner of Last2Ticket Asia

"As we’re also handling digital communications for the Royal Ballet, our goal is to help develop its image here and abroad, and of course its audience. We see this adventure as the beginning of a long-term partnership designed to ensure the future of this vital institution", he says. 

Since its launch in Cambodia this year, the Portuguese startup has been coordinating ticket sales for Britcham and business networking events, concerts and festivals in Cambodia and managed the 1300-strong sales for the French National Day event on Koh Pich. 

"The amazing part is that the Royal Ballet which is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Cambodia is going live with e-ticketing”, says Soreasmey. “It is a real sign of how new technology can help sustain ancient traditions".
Renowned for its graceful hand gestures and stunning costumes, the Royal Ballet of Cambodia has been closely associated with the Khmer court for over one thousand years. Performances would traditionally accompany royal ceremonies and observances such as coronations, marriages, funerals or Khmer holidays. 
Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, who has dedicated her life to reviving and maintaining the traditions of Khmer Classical Dance for almost 40 years, is the artistic director of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia.